Certificate IV in Life Coaching

Course Code: 10662NAT

The Certificate IV in Life Coaching consists of 9 Units that are covered in 9 workbooks, 3 interactive practical assessments, and 4 TeleClasses. The course consists of three progressive stages.

Diploma of Life Coaching

Course Code: 10663NAT

The Diploma of Life Coaching consists of 14 Units, 7 interactive practical assessments and 7 Teleclasses. The Diploma of Life Coaching is the perfect qualification if you want a more thorough understanding of underlying coaching theories.

Specialty Streams

A notable feature of the Certificate IV in Life Coaching and Diploma of Life Coaching is that they are supported by a range of Speciality Streams.

Each Specialty Stream has been specifically developed to provide you with the opportunity to gain a higher level of practical and theoretical knowledge in specific fields of coaching that are currently in high demand.

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Specialty Stream provides a framework for coaches to work with executives within the corporate arena. Executives seek coaching for a variety of reasons including enhancing their time management skills, improving their motivation, managing stress levels, encouraging innovative thinking and advancing their leadership skills. Assisting an executive in maintaining a greater degree of balance between their work and personal life is also a common coaching scenario.

Business Coaching

The current business environment is challenging, fast-paced and constantly changing and requires business managers to be smart, aware and flexible. The Business Coaching Specialty Stream focuses on coaching leaders of business, both small and large. Top business leaders are visionary entrepreneurs with a strong belief in themselves and the ability to lead and inspire others. This stream provides a wealth of examples from experienced and successful business leaders together with a practical approach to the coaching process.

The Business Coaching Specialty Stream includes strategies for improved business management and helps students identify business opportunities. Concepts such as ‘emotional intelligence’ and being results-oriented are highlighted. The stream also covers the development and application of business coaching skills as well as the use of a specific action plan to remedy business. On completion of this stream students will be able to understand the goals of business coaching and be able to define the personal qualities of an effective business coach.

Workplace Coaching

Workplace Coaching is a high-growth coaching specialty as companies become increasingly aware of how the attitudes and motivation of employees and workplace teams can impact overall company performance. Workplace Coaches work with both individuals and teams in the workplace setting in a variety of coaching situations including improving individual and team motivation and performance, clarifying visions and strategies, building positive work environments, helping individuals and teams to cope with change, and working with employees to identify workplace problems and implement solutions.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Wellness, with its focus on achieving balance in life, is an important and growing area of concern for many of us. This stream addresses the five dimensions of health and wellness: mental, social, emotional, spiritual and physical. Specific areas of negative impact behaviours are investigated, and strategies for achieving optimal health and wellness are explored. You will learn techniques for health and wellness coaching and also the importance of your own health and wellness in your role as a life coach.

On completion of this stream you will be able to differentiate between the issues of ‘health’ and ‘wellness.’ The importance of a positive outlook and positive self-regard in achieving optimal wellness is discussed. This stream also covers the topic of stress, how it impacts on health and wellness and provides strategies for stress management. Specific techniques to assist clients change behaviours that have a negative impact on wellness are also included. Finally, you will become aware of your own ‘wellness’ level and its impact on your role as a coach.

Career Coaching

Selina Scoble (Olympian and Professional Life Coach) estimates that 80% of her coaching clients require Career Coaching at some stage during the coaching process, irrespective of their initial reasons for attending coaching. Career Coaches work with clients on changes or transitions in their career to establish a career that aligns with their strengths and preferences. Career Coaching is useful for clients changing the direction of their career, transitioning from one work role to another or re-entering the workforce after an extended absence.

Life Cycle Coaching

Life Cycle Coaching relates to the various stages people encounter throughout the lifespan, the changes that occur and the impact that this has on individuals. This stream focuses on childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age as well as on specific life cycle issues such as parenting, career choices and couple relationships. Furthermore, the impact of events such as death and retirement are considered and strategies for dealing with life changes in general.

In this stream students will learn about the stages of the human life cycle and will be equipped with strategies for coping with life transitions. ‘Change’ is an inevitable part of life and effective ways to assist clients manage change will go a long way in helping them lead a fulfilled life. Upon completion of the Life Cycle Coaching Specialty Stream students will gain an awareness of their own life cycle and how it may impact their role as a life coach. Students will also learn how to apply specific life cycle coaching techniques.

ANZI and ICF accredited
Having decided to start up my own executive coaching business, I realized I would need specialized training that would provide me with a professional and accredited coaching qualification - which was my prime reason for choosing LCIA. I completed the standard Cert IV Certificate in Coaching and also achieved the Diploma of Coaching along with my specialty stream - Certificate of Executive Coaching. Throughout the process I was very impressed with the level of support on offer as well as the high calibre of the LCIA trainers. For these reasons, I have no hesitation in recommending LCIA as the first port of call to anyone who is embarking on a career in coaching.

Simone Disborough
Managing Director
SMAC - Strategic Mentoring & Coaching
After many years of assisting others with their personal and business goals, one of those people has suggested I look into the life coaching courses - specifically The Life Coaching Institute. No matter what was going on in my personal life, the staff at the LCIA have ALWAYS made me feel welcome and supported. The staff at LCIA have consistently (throughout the whole 5 years!) provided me with up-todate and relevant information and advice - but more importantly: they didn't treat me like a number but as a human being who was dealing with a lot at that time and needed support and understanding. I cannot praise the staff at the Institute more: they were my shining light and a consistent voice during these challenging yet very rewarding times.

Ellie Rentoul

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