What Are The Course Entry Requirements?

The Institute has broad entry requirements to enable people of all backgrounds access to the course. You are able to gain entry into the Certificate IV in Life Coaching if you have completed either Year 12 or a Certificate III qualification, or you can demonstrate 2 years work experience where literacy and numeracy is required to undertake the work (if you are over 21 years of age).

For entrance into the Diploma of Life Coaching (10663NAT), either completion of Year 12 or a Certificate IV qualification. If you are over the age of 21, you can demonstrate 3 years of work experience where literacy and numeracy is required to undertake the work..

Can I Work As A Life Coach Upon Completion Of The Course?

Yes, you can. Upon completing the Certificate IV in Life Coaching or the Diploma of Life Coaching you’ll have the confidence, knowledge and practical skills to help others make lasting changes in their lives. You will also have learned how to establish a successful coaching business and have the ongoing optional support of one of the industry's largest and best known organisations.

If I Have Studied Before Can I Get Academic Credit Toward The Course?

If you have been working in a related field or have completed related study you may be able to gain exemption from certain parts of the course via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). We have a very simple system for assessing exemptions and it means that you won't be asked to complete work you already have competency in. Please contact your local Student Fulfilment Centre for an RPL application package. To obtain an RPL Application Package please visit the Student section of this website or contact your local Student Fulfilment Centre.

Do I Have To Complete My Studies In A Specified Time?

No, Institute courses are designed to allow you to work at a pace that suits you and your lifestyle. This is known as Self Paced Learning. What is most important is that you set yourself a goal and a study plan to suit. Students whose courses are funded by Austudy, other agencies, or employers will need to be aware of specific guidelines set by their sponsors. If you would like assistance with setting up your study plan, please contact your local Student Fulfilment Centre.

When Can I Enrol As A Student?

Because of the self paced nature of the course you are able to enrol at any time throughout the year. Academic support is available all year round. The earlier you start, the earlier we will be able to start working with you to help you achieve your goal of becoming a Life Coach.

I Don't Have Any Qualifications And Haven't Studied For A Long Time. Do You Think I Could Study With The Institute?

Yes. Institute courses have been developed using the latest techniques to assist you with ease of comprehension and understanding. The course includes extensive explanation and real life examples, and you will relate many of your personal experiences to what you read. There is no maths to worry about and numerous case studies that are easily understood are used wherever possible.

The specially prepared workbooks provided with your learning material identify important areas of study, direct you to the appropriate readings, and give you a very straight forward plan to follow.

The extensive Student Support Program offered by the Institute is the most comprehensive program available. This support is available to you at all times throughout your studies and will provide all the assistance you may require to complete your studies.

What Help Do You Provide If I Have A Question And Need Assistance With An Assessment?

Our student support systems are the benchmark of the industry. There are a variety of support options available to you so that assistance is always close at hand.

If you have a question relating to any unit of work you can simply pick up the phone and call our national 1300 (cost of a local call) Study Assistance Hotline, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (EST). One of our friendly accredited Life Coaching tutors will be on hand to assist you. You can also send your questions through by e-mail and they’ll generally respond within 24 hours.

Students also enjoy our FREE TeleClasses where you can interact with our accredited Coaches and other students to learn how to apply the skills learned in the Workbooks. You will be provided a schedule of TeleClasses in your enrolment kit.

What Is A Tele-Class And How Does It Work?

TeleClasses are scheduled regularly and are an essential part of the learning process to aid the transition from theory to application. You can attend each TeleClass at any time after the workbook for the Unit covered in the TeleClass has been successfully completed. Each TeleClass is conducted over two hours and typically includes discussion of concepts and their application in a coaching environment, demonstration of skills, and practice of skill application. All TeleClasses are facilitated by an Institute Master Coach.

To attend a TeleClass, you simply call into a central telephone number (normal call rates apply from your phone or mobile) and you’re welcomed in with fellow students (who are also calling in) by your accredited Master Coach. It’s like being in a classroom from the comfort of your home or office.

I've Been Coaching People For Years, Why Do I Need To Get A Qualification Now?

By gaining a coaching qualification now you achieve two very important things:

  1. You put a framework, a methodology, a process around the natural skills and abilities you have as a leader and mentor. Skills and abilities you may have put into practice throughout your working and family life to date.
  2. You’ll receive immediate recognition, acknowledgment and creditability from your work colleagues and prospective clients that will significantly add to your confidence and ability to continue to make a difference in their lives as a trusted confidant.

If you already have practical experience as a coach but no formal qualifications you may be alienating yourself from the unlimited opportunities professional coaching will provide in the future. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective client and ask yourself the question, ‘If I had the choice of working with a coach with accredited qualifications or one that has not (if all other things were equal), who would I choose? The answer becomes obvious.

And with the Life Coaching Institute’s Recognition of Prior Learning process, you can gain your qualification without having to repeat areas that you already have competence in.

What Course Should I Do, The Certificate IV Or The Diploma?

To make this decision, you need to consider a few initial questions such as: What do you plan to ‘do’ with your Life Coaching qualification? What level of knowledge do you want when you start practicing? What timeframe would you like to have your course completed within? And, How much do you want to invest on Life Coaching studies? Determining your goals for each of these questions will assist you determine which course you should enrol into.

If you are still not sure which course you should enrol into, please contact your local Student Fulfilment Centre and they will be happy to discuss your specific requirements further.

As A Life Coach, How Much Can I Charge For My Services?

As a Life Coach in Australia approximately $250 to $500 per month is an acceptable average charge for Individual Coaching. Executive, Corporate and Business Coaching you can generally charge more.

How Is Coaching Delivered?

Coaching can be delivered in various ways, and the most suitable system is usually negotiated between the client and coach. A typical delivery system may include one 30-60 minute telephone session per week, e-mail coaching in between and a single one-on-one session per month.

Some coaches also do Group Coaching, including tele-classes.

What Kind Of Clients Would I Have?

The types of clients you may have varies according to your interest and your target market. Many coaches start with friends, acquaintances, and referrals. As you grow more confident in your skills and service you may coach to professionals, business owners, executives, corporations, sales people, prisoners, children or just about anyone that has a desire to achieve more in their lives.

Are There Any Other Course Costs Other Than Those Listed On The Application Form?

All your learning materials including Workbooks and Readings are provided as part of the course. You don’t have to purchase any other study materials such as text books. There are nominal attendance fees for tutorials and assessment of your practical skills. The nominal attendance fees for Skill Assessment Workshops, Private Coach Assessments and Video Assessments are noted on the application form.

There are four optional half day practical workshops called ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ sessions where nominal attendance fees apply. These sessions are a great way for you to practice your coaching skills under the guidance of an accredited and experienced Life Coach.

There are also three compulsory Skill Assessment elements of the Certificate IV in Life Coaching. You can choose to complete these practical elements by Video Taping your skills, attending a Workshop or having a Private Coach Assessment.

The advantage of undertaking your Skill Assessment elements under the supervision of a coach is that you get to demonstrate your understanding and practical application of your coaching knowledge under the guidance and observation of an accredited coaching professional. In this environment you’ll enjoy a supportive, open learning environment that allows you to build your confidence and prepare for work as an accredited coach once your course is completed.

Do Coaches Specialise?

Most certainly. Many Life Coaches specialise in areas that compliment their existing skills and experience. Some of the specialist areas you will find successful Coaches practicing in include: corporate, career, lifestyle, health & fitness, weight management and youth coaching.

What Options Do I Have If I Don't Want To Set Up A Coaching Business When I Complete My Studies?

Coaching skills and expertise have an extremely broad application and appeal in business and family environments. By investing in yourself and gaining accredited coaching qualifications you’ll add significant value to your workplace, family and friends and your own life.

As the competitive nature of our workplace increases those with qualifications that can add to the wellbeing and emotional support of others will be highly sought after. If you were looking to employ or promote someone in your workplace and you had the choice of two people, one with nationally recognised and accredited qualifications as a Life Coach and the other without, who would you offer the position too?

As a parent or someone with close family and friendship ties you’ll be able to use your coaching skills to support, guide and influence those who are important in your life.

A survey conducted by the National Study of the Changing Workforce, Families and Work Institute found that 70% of working fathers and working mothers report they don't have enough time with their children. How you utilise your time with them and your ability to assist develop their knowledge and understanding will have a profound affect on their lives and their ability to fulfil their potential.

Will I Be Able To Receive Austudy While I Study My Course?

The Certificate IV in Life Coaching is Austudy and Abstudy approved. To find out further details about your eligibility, please contact the Centrelink Youth and Student Line on 13 24 90.

How Do I Apply For Austudy?

There are three simple steps to apply for Austudy. They are:

  1. Contact the Centrelink Youth and Student Line on 13 24 90 to obtain information about your eligibility for Austudy and an Austudy application form. They will be able to give you a good indication as to whether or not you will be eligible for funding on your individual circumstances.
  2. Austudy requires a course commencement date to be submitted on your application. You receive this date the day a completed Enrolment Form is received by the Institute.
  3. The Institute sends you a commencement verification letter that you should attach to your Austudy application. You then mail or deliver it to the Austudy Student Assistance Centre.

What face to face contact can I have during my course?

You have ample opportunity for face to face interaction and support at the series of practical workshops. Called ‘Skill Assessment Workshops’, you’ll demonstrate your coaching techniques to an accredited Master Coach who’ll critique your skills and provide valuable feedback, enhancing your abilities and skills as a Coach.

Presently, Skill Assessment Workshops are conducted in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

How do I commence my studies with the Institute?

Application to become a student is made by completing the Online Application Form at www.lcia.com.au. You may also enrol via the Free Call Easy Enrolment Telephone Service by calling your Student Fulfillment Centre

Please note that there are a number of course investment options and that substantial savings apply for upfront payment of your course as this saves the Institute in administration and bank fees.

As a student, you are assured of ongoing support and have a wonderful opportunity to meet others in an Australia wide network.

The Institute’s dedication to maintaining affordable tuition fees, and a professional, contemporary, ethical approach to education is your assurance that we place student wellbeing before all else.

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