What Will Your Studies Involve?

Institute courses are developed to maximise your learning experience. Your course is self paced and extremely flexible in the range. This means you can easily fit your studies around your lifestyle, allowing you to accelerate through your course or progress at a moderate pace. Regardless of how fast you choose to progress with your studies, you will have the full academic and administrative support of your Local Student Fulfilment Centre.

As one of Australia's leading Life Coaching training providers you are assured that your course curriculum is of world leading standard and will equip you with the knowledge and skills you require to practice as a professional Life Coach.

The Institute's academic team is there to assist you with your studies from enrolment to graduation. The comprehensive academic support systems have been designed to make your studies as enjoyable and enriching as possible. Some of the support services you will enjoy include:

  • Access to local Student Fulfilment Centres and specialist support in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and assessment supervisors in Hobart, Darwin, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.
  • Cleverly written, purposefully designed and easy to understand learning materials that include individual workbooks, unique industry specific coaching case studies, practitioner tools and worksheets and fully referenced and categorised books of readings that represent over 55 leading coaching texts.
  • A dedicated national Study Assistance Hotline that puts you in direct contact with a team of accredited Coaching Advisers who are on hand Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (EST) to support and guide you on your way to the successful completion of your coaching qualification.
  • A comprehensive and easy to navigate virtual campus on the web gives you the option to submit assessment via e-mail, access practical workshop timetables for each state, contact your coaching advisers to ask a question and network with other students through the community forum.
  • Weekly FREE Tele-Classes allow you to be part of an interactive study group which focuses on particular units of the course. Each week you can listen in and interact with your accredited coaching advisor and fellow students as you learn how to apply the knowledge, skills and coaching expertise presented within the course.
  • There is also a series of required 2 day Skills Workshops that allow you to apply, practice and refine your newly formed coaching skills under the guidance and expertise of an experienced Life Coach. These workshops are conducted in a class room setting with a small group of fellow students. Your confidence will grow as well as your skills and coaching know-how as you move through each training session.
  • You can also elect to be a part of an active student network where you can communicate via phone or e-mail with other local students and become part of an active study group or form a study partnership with someone you connect with.

Why The Institute Sets The Standard That Others Aspire To

Institute courses are developed by highly qualified and experienced professionals to world recognised standards. Curriculums are developed by a professional academic committee incorporating the latest domestic and international research and developments. In this way, the Institute is able to amalgamate client needs with practitioner experience and global industry developments.

The Institute's nationally recognised training programs are the Diploma of Life Coaching (Course Code: 10663NAT) and the Certificate IV in Life Coaching (Course Code: 10662NAT). Both courses have been recognised as accredited courses by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

Accreditation is the official government process that ensures the contents and standards of a course are appropriate to the qualification received. A 'recognised training qualification' indicates to employers and the general public that the knowledge and competencies you have acquired throughout the program are relevant and specific to the occupation of Life Coaching. Completion of a recognised training qualification is a substantial achievement signified by the awarding of a formal Qualification certificate.

Both the Certificate IV and Diploma in Life Coaching contain sufficient coach-specific training hours to enable graduates to apply for an ICF Credential through the ICF Portfolio Path.

Institute courses are designed to be extremely thorough without being difficult or complex. Both courses have more than double the educational content of life coaching courses offered by most other coaching educators. As a graduate of either course, you will have developed the skills and mastered the techniques to be highly competent and effective in this rapidly developing professional environment.

The Institute believes in the philosophy that if we are to evolve as better professionals, our education programs should also evolve to be consistent with the environment in which we live and work. By maintaining the currency and relevancy of our training programs, we guarantee the value of the service our graduates are able to offer clients and those around them. Our students and graduates are proud to say that they've studied with Australia's leading Life Coaching educator!

Many Institute students begin their Coaching studies to expand on their natural ability to support, motivate and empower others. Many have been in situations where they have been asked by friends, family or colleagues to provide support and motivation. Studying to be a professional Life Coach will help you build upon your natural qualities and develop them into a respected qualification.

As a graduate of the Institute you'll have the full support and endorsement of the Institute. Graduates of the Life Coaching Institute gain the immediate marketplace recognition and credibility they require when establishing their coaching business.

Why the Institute Is Australia's Leading Coaching Educator

Some reasons why the Life Coaching Institute is Australia's leading coaching educator...

Innovative Training Programs

  • The Institute delivers the nationally recognised training programs, Diploma of Life Coaching and Certificate IV in Life Coaching;
  • The Institute is nationally recognised as a Registered Training Organisation to award the Diploma of Life Coaching and Certificate IV in Life Coaching qualifications.This indicates the knowledge and competencies you have acquired during your studies are relevant and specific to the role of Life Coach;
  • Institute Educators maintain the highest academic and experiential standard of any coaching educator in Australia, safeguarding you from professional misadventure and maximising your understanding;
  • The Institute offers practical workshops facilitated by industry leading master coaches to build and enhance your coaching skills and skyrocket your confidence;
  • Learning resources include progressive workbooks and readings, professionally presented and fully referenced;
  • Each unit includes relevant local case studies to maximise the learning outcomes and your enjoyment of the course;
  • The self paced nature of the course allows you to fit learning around your lifestyle by choosing to either fast track your studies or extend your course over a longer timeframe;
  • You can specialise in a specific area of coaching interest through the Speciality Streams which include Executive, Business, Workplace, Life Cycle, Health & Wellness and Career.

First Class Student Support Services

  • Students of the Institute are supported locally by Australia's most diverse Coaching educator;
  • You are safeguarded by the Institute's Guarantee of Educational Excellence. If within the first 30 days of commencing your studies you are not totally delighted with the material, content or support you receive, simply tell us, return your materials and receive a full refund on any money you have paid;
  • The Institute offers you flexible investment methods. We're totally committed on making coaching a reality for you. We therefore provide you with a payment option that allows you to spread your investment over the length of the course;
  • The Institute supports you throughout your studies with pioneering world standard student support systems;
  • And upon graduation you'll be invited to participate in the industry's most powerful business building membership program specifically developed to assist our graduates develop flourishing businesses.

Your Coaching Curriculum

Institute courses are a careful blend of theory and practical application. Theory is taught through concise user friendly learning materials that have been specifically designed to maximise your learning time making your studies as enjoyable and productive as possible.

All readings, resources, and case studies have been thoroughly researched and compiled into structured workbooks that are provided as part of your course via the Life Coaching Institutes' online learning portal, My.LCI.

The theoretical component for some Units is supplemented by a two-hour TeleClass. TeleClasses are an essential component of the learning process and aid the important transition from theory to application. During a TeleClass, you will participate in an interactive group coaching and teaching environment. You can attend a TeleClass for each Unit any time after the Unit's workbook has been successfully completed. TeleClasses are scheduled regularly and include discussion of concepts and their application in a coaching environment, demonstration of skills, and practice of skill application. All TeleClasses are facilitated by an Institute Master Coach.

Practical components of the course are completed through interactive hands-on sessions that can be completed by a number of flexible means. You can either participate in small group sessions called 'Skill Assessment Workshops', work one on one with a Master Coach and apply your skills under their supervision, or video tape your practical skills and have our team of professional coaches review it for you. Each practical option is designed to be flexible in its delivery to maximise accessibility and educational value.

The Certificate IV in Life Coaching is the most popular coaching qualification in the country. It has 9 units, 3 practical assessments, and 4 Tele-Classes. It's the ideal entry level qualification into the coaching industry.

The Certificate IV in Life Coaching is carefully designed to develop your theoretical understanding of coaching principals and enhance your practical application of coaching skills.

Certificate IV in Life Coaching - Course Code: 10662NAT
Unit CodeUnit Title
LCCSCF401Establish and work within a structured life coaching framework
LCCFCC402Facilitate change through life coaching
LCCCPC403#Apply life coaching interview skills
LCCCAC404#Apply techniques of cognitive approaches to life coaching
LCCCTC405#Apply techniques of contemporary approaches to life coaching
LCCSCA406Research and apply knowledge of specialist life coaching areas in life coaching practice
CHCPRP003Reflect on and improve own professional practice
BSBSMB401Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business
BSBSMB404Undertake small business planning

Units marked with a # require the practical demonstration of skills in a simulated work environment.

The Diploma of Life Coaching is the perfect qualification if you want a more thorough understanding of underlying coaching theories. It has 14 Units, 7 practical assessments and 7 Teleclasses.

The initial Units of the Diploma examine each of the four coaching approaches covered in the Certificate IV in greater detail, while the remainder of the Diploma units focuses on essential knowledge to develop your coaching practice. The Diploma provides you with a more advanced and in-depth study of coaching and delivery of coaching services.

Diploma of Life Coaching - Course Code: 10663NAT
Unit CodeUnit Title
LCCFCC402Facilitate change through life coaching
LCCCPC403#Apply life coaching interview skills
LCDNLP501#Apply neuro-linguistic programming in life coaching
LCDNCA502#Apply the narrative approach in life coaching
LCDSFC503#Apply the solution focused approach in life coaching
LCDCBC504#Apply the cognitive behavioural approach in life coaching
LCDACS506#Integrate life coaching techniques in complex coaching work
LCDCTT505#Develop and apply specialist life coaching tools
BSBLED806Plan and implement a coaching strategy
CHCPRP006Lead own professional development
BSBSMB302Develop a micro business proposal
BSBMGT617Develop and implement a business plan
BSBSMB405Monitor and manage small business operations
BSBSMB403Market the small business

Units marked with a # require the practical demonstration of skills in a simulated work environment.


Your Study Support System

The Institute is proud to set the benchmark for service and support in Coaching Education. We have set ourselves the goal: "To provide the highest standard in coaching education and support services in the industry".

Our programs are professionally developed to ensure that upon completion you have the confidence, skills and knowledge to be a highly effective and respected Life Coach. We understand though that fitting study into a busy lifestyle can be challenging. That's why we've developed a unique, completely flexible approach to Life Coaching education. We call it 'Flex Learning'.

Flex Learning is a methodology for the way in which we've developed and deliver the Certificate IV and the Diploma of Life Coaching. Flex Learning puts you in control over when, where and how quickly you learn. With Flex Learning you are able to structure your preferred study methods around the many flexible delivery options that are available to you.

For instance, if you want to study full time you can choose to increase your practical contact time and fast track your studies to graduate sooner. Or perhaps like the majority of students you are working full or part time, and would prefer to integrate your studies around other important responsibilities. Well, Flex Learning gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to self pace through your studies, integrating face to face practical content together with external support such as evening TeleClasses and an interactive student network.

Flex Learning allows you to complete your accredited Life Coaching course in the time frame that suits you - and with the study and support structure that best meets your learning and lifestyle needs.

Through Flex Learning the Institute ensures your coaching education is the very best possible. Providing you with the Best Education, The Best Support and The Best Opportunities for the Future. Please continue reading to understand how working with our team of professionals will ensure you make the most of this exciting and truly rewarding profession.

Specialised Curriculum and Learning Resources

Your course material has been carefully designed to maximise your learning experience and makes use of the latest education techniques from around the world. Your learning resources are professionally presented in a workbook format that includes all the resources, readings, worksheets, assessments and materials you will require to complete your course.

You'll discover how easy the material is to follow as you progress through the assessments, each of which is referenced directly to the appropriate material in the workbook. This feature alone improves your overall comprehension and ensures you maximise your study time. Importantly, all your study material is included as part of your course. There is no additional cost for text books or other resource material.

Your own on-call Mentor

You have access to Coaching Advisers by phone and email for immediate study assistance. The Toll Free 1300 Study Assistance Hotline gives you direct access a Coaching Adviser who will answer questions about assessment topics, clarify any concepts or information from your workbooks or readings, and provide personal coaching on completing your assessment. Coaching Advisers are available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (EST) to ensure you understand the learning material and are able to apply your knowledge to the activities and case studies you work through.

Practical Group Coaching TeleClasses

The theoretical component of each Unit is supplemented by a two-hour TeleClass. TeleClasses aid the important transition from theory to application. During a TeleClass, you will be part of an interactive group coaching and teaching environment. You can attend the TeleClass for each Unit at any time after the Unit's workbook has been successfully completed.

TeleClasses include discussion of concepts and their application in a coaching environment, demonstration of skills, and practice of skill application. All TeleClasses are facilitated by an Institute Master Coach

Live Practical Skill Development Sessions

When you are ready, and have completed the relevant written units, you have the opportunity to put your coaching skills to the test at the Skill Assessment Workshops. This is where you demonstrate to an accredited Life Coach that you have an understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to be a competent Coach. In this supportive environment your assessor will work with you one on one to help perfect your skills, providing you with feedback and opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge and experience.

A highly experienced Education and Support Team

Each member of the Institute's Academic Support Team meet comprehensive education and experiential standards. They have tertiary qualifications in an appropriate discipline and years of industry experience and are required to undergo relevant ongoing training and professional development. Each team member is an experienced Life Coach and is able to provide you with a higher level of insight and understanding behind the course content.

We believe we are the only Life Coaching educator in Australia to impose such comprehensive Human Resource Standards on our education team. We do this to ensure that the information and support you receive as a student is of the highest quality.

Student Networking

If you would like to meet other students in your local area to network and study with, the Institute keeps a register of students that have expressed a desire to be a part of the student network program. This gives you the chance to set up a study partnership with another student, or group of students, to learn from and support each other throughout your studies. Inclusion in the student network is optional and is coordinated through your local Student Fulfilment Centre. Please note that student details are not released unless we have the student's prior authority to do so.

Entry Requirements

You are able to gain entry to the Certificate IV in Life Coaching if you have:

  • Completed Year 12, OR
  • Completed a Certificate III qualification,
  • Demonstrates 2 years work experience where literacy and numeracy is required to undertake the work (if over 21 years of age).

The entry requirements for the Diploma of Life Coaching are:

  • Completed Year 12, OR
  • Completed a Certificate IV qualification,
  • Demonstrates 3 years work experience where literacy and numeracy is required to undertake the work (if over 21 years of age).

Upon Graduation

Upon completion of all requirements of the qualification, you will be issued with a Certificate and Statement of Academic Record from Life Coaching Institute. Your qualification is issued by Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors Pty Ltd ATF AIPC Trust T/As Life Coaching Institute.

It's important for you at this juncture to not only ask "Is this a good quality course?" but also "How can completing this course assist me to attain my desired career and lifestyle goals?"

You will also receive a Statement of Achievement for each Specialty Stream you complete in addition to your qualification.

Due to the quality of the education provided by Life Coaching Institute and specialist and relevant coaching skills included in the courses, Graduates of Life Coaching Institute are uniquely positioned to offer coaching services and work in coaching-related capacities. Our goal from the moment you enrol is to help you develop and utilise your coaching skills to attain the lifestyle you desire.

Recognition Of Prior Learning

The Institute recognises that you may have developed certain skills and attained knowledge through your experiences at work and in life. Recognition of Prior Learning is the process by which the Institute will assess any qualifications and life experience you may have that is relevant to your Coaching studies.

People who are particularly likely to receive some recognition of prior learning credit towards their studies are counsellors, psychologists, social workers, school teachers, and anyone else who has attained recognised qualifications, skills and experience in the human services industry.

If you wish to make an application for Recognition of Prior Learning please contact your local Student Fulfilment Centre and we will forward you an application kit.

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